Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, How You Know Me!

The best part of a best friend is how well they know you (well, that and how well they put up with you even though they know you well).  Naturally, my bestie Marta knows and loves me, even though I can be crazy/geeky/dramatic… get my drift.  So when it comes to gifts, she knows how to give them.  Bless her heart for finding me gifts which satisfy both my geek side and my fashionista side.

For the geek in me:

lokiT-shirt from Cafe Press 

(No, I am not ashamed of my love for Loki and Tom Hiddleston in general)


For the fashionista in me:


Necklace from La Rue Marche

(I love the steam punk flavor to the necklace!)


Thank goodness I have seven months to find her the perfect birthday gift.  Hmmm….now where can a person actually buy Nathan Fillion?

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