Monday, August 20, 2012

I Want Candy!

I love candy, all kinds.  While chocolate will almost always be a good way to get to my heart, arm candy is another.  I love the new trend of layering, layering, and layering of bracelets.  Use all kinds of materials, metals, beads, leather, cloth, thread.  This is such an easy trend to get on board with and even easier to get “right”.  Even my kids love to play with bracelets, adding more and more until their little arms are laden down with jingly goodness.  Who knew my kids could be so on trend, without even trying? Sometimes,  I even let the kids pick out my bangles for me, although their picks can get rather creative.   Here are some of my favorite arm candy “flavors”:
This first assortment is from Stella & Dot as seen in real life, which means my sister wore them out one night when we met for happy hour)  The bangles from Stella & Dot are always super cute every season and provide a crap-ton of options for mixing and matching (Yup, crap-ton is a technical fashion term.  I have decided).
Bracelets via Stella & Dot
This next photo is a group of bracelets I picked up at a cool little pop-up shop in Hudson, Wisconsin called Sundar Imports.  I got a cute fistful of bangles for fairly inexpensive, plus Sundar Imports is a fair trade business.  Fashionable and globally conscious, that is a win-win for me!
Bracelets via Sundar Imports
Lastly, this is my absolute favorite layering piece in my own collection.  This rare bracelet is made of straw and pipe cleaner, by the finest craftsman in the land, my five year old.  I wear it with most of my bangles, especially at the request of its creator.  I am obsessive over this piece to the point where I become unsettled if it falls off and becomes misplaced.  Sometimes, I have been spotted at work, crawling under the racks looking for it.  It truly is my most treasured bracelet and layering piece. 
Bracelet via my oldest  <3

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