Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well, I'm in trouble....again.

My husband is balancing the checkbook.  Yup, he still does this every month, sitting down with a pencil, highlighter and calculator.  I like to call those our "fight" days.  One time, he even tried to do it on our anniversary!

This month, he has discovered my early love of the new Sephora which is opening only a scant mile from my work.  What is worse, my cousin is the manager and has the ability to talk me into glorious pampering items designed to make me look and feel fabulous.  What is not to like about that?  You think he, of all people, would WANT me to be as amazing and relaxed as possible.  Happy wife = happy life, right?  Apparently, not in the eyes of my spouse, who would like me to curb my obsession with Sephora and my place of employment, Hot Mama (HA!!!!  Not going to happen).  It is times like this I must be reminded of the following:

 Yes, I would love to purchase every single Benefit, Philosophy, or Urban Decay product waived under my nose, but I must remind myself that it will disrupt the wedded bliss usually I experience at home.  It is up to me to reign in my own love of delicious products to sooth the savage beast I am married to tonight.

BUT, fear not, my intrepid readers!  Fall is my favorite season for fashion and my hubby has already been warned of and agreed to some shopping adventures for me.  I am now weighing my love of Sephora with my love of Hot Mama.  Hmmm.....which do you think is going to win????  So in the near future, I will be reminded of this following:

And I can't wait!!!!

To be continued......


  1. Wait, what?! There is a Sephora opening in Woodbury finally!!? Good Lord I'm in trouble! Where? When? (catching up on your blog ;))

  2. It is already open, located in JC Penny! I love having it so close. New addiction starting....