Monday, August 6, 2012

Why am I here? Was it the wine?

It has been a long day at work.  And I find my self asking the following questions:  why am I here?  What was I thinking?  How much wine have I had?  Will people want to read this?  What do I have to offer to people who actually DO read this?  In order to get my head around my sudden whim to start this blog, I have decided to tackle each question head on!

Question 1:  Why am I here? 
Answer:  Why not?!  I spend all day long with women (mostly moms, specifically) helping them find clothes to fit their body type and lifestyle.  I am also a mom who loves fashion and trends but still LOVES her yoga pants.   It ain't easy to balance being ME and being MOM simultaneously. 

Question 2:  What was I thinking?  
Answer:  I am constantly amazed how women rip their own forms apart and envy those of others.  I am also amazed by how women talk themselves out of so many things which make them happy or don't fit the idea they have created in their own heads about how a mom should look.  I don't understand this!  Why in the world do we do this to ourselves?  Women are gorgeous and need to learn to accept it, no matter your perceived imperfections.  Hopefully, I can help women love themselves for real.  If not, we can at least have a little fun.  I can be kind of wacky, just ask the people I work with.

 Question 3:  How much wine have I had?
Answer:  2 glasses.  I swear.  But they were absolutely delicious and well deserved.  God bless you, Trader Joe's!

Question 4:  Will people want to read this?
Answer:  Maybe.  I hope so.

Question 5:   What do I have to offer people who actually DO read this?
Answer:  Hmmm.....good question.   Maybe readers will learn to love and accept themselves more, but that might be aiming high.   If nothing else, we will have a few giggles together talking mom and style.

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